Battle Worn

            Those Souls who wander battle-worn
            Whose corpse remains in an unmarked grave
            In captive search on this earthly plain
            A Soldier still in armour and brave

            In life they fought with Fortitude’s vow
            Uniformed in patriot blue and courage red
            A piece of ribbon pierced the bearer proud
            Incentive to risk all in battle and bloodshed

            When Duty called and Liberty to defend
            Donning Athena’s aegis,
            By command, they bravely launched forth
            As Patria’s lance of justice

            These Souls who are so battle-worn
            Once sailed on ships torpedoed bound
            Or fell from skies released Airborne
            Or stepped through fields of shrapnelled ground

            While War fierced forward
            With destiny by side,
            Glory pushed them onward
            Knowing Victory may turn her blind eye

            So became the soldier battle-worn
            Enduring struggle as defeat’s defined
            By Comrades made but then are lost
            Buried in ground but never in mind

            And then the Soul became so battle-worn
            Wandering helpless on the battlefield
            Witnessing wounded comrades left forlorn
            As Fate did lift her safeguard shield

            From Life they passed with their last breath
            Into spirit form as the Soul lives on,
            But Guilt can anchor Journey’s death,
            As memories remain of pain undergone

            These memories etched into eternal stone
            Using Carver’s tools to dislodge the pain
            Internal struggle to wipe off clean
            Raw carmine stain so no sin remain

            Time torments as tears adhere
            Thoughts repeat in recycled fear
            Life reviewed as so severe
            Regrets re-wished and lost chances unclear

            Dear Souls who wander battle-worn
            Once nurtured by your Mother’s breast
            Your home with Sorrow and shadowed Mourn
            As Pietà laments for her son’s lifeless rest

            These souls who wander battle-worn
            No foot print pressed on a path unknown
            No border line and no man’s land
            Left in limbo state, desolate and all alone

            You struggled then, so take courage now
            A Hero always, to those that be,
            March forward on, but leave behind
            All thoughts that cause your misery

            These Souls who wander battle-worn
            We ask you pray for a guiding Force
            You must forgive so to transcend
            And free your bonds from temporal tying source

            Remember Souls who wander battle-worn,
            Mercy sides with her warm embrace
            Though Hope is veiled in a transparent gown
            Keep Faith that Love can help you leave this place

            And as each link of chain dissolves
            In time, a pool that Glory spills
            Into a chalice raised with liquid Joy
            That the Spirit drinks and is fulfilled

            Now we pray to these Souls so battle-worn,
            As passage for you is now made clear,
            We ask that when our time’s alight
            That you guard our path so we shall have no fear

            Dear Souls who were so battle-worn,
            The toughest challenge to you, God did give,
            But He armed you well, for He knew your strength
            And with this Faith, for us, you did live

            Dedicated to the souls of “The Fallen”
            Inspired while creating artwork dedicated to the “Fallen” for the USAWC – Class 2012
            Silvia Pecota