From the shores from where lovers part
            Mists of future memories do rise
            Through a distant haze the sail lingers dim
            As veils on land do wave good byes
            ‘Tis the heart that first does shed a tear,
            Exposed to Sorrow who comes to dwell
            But finds a place in a vacant hue
            Of echoes of our last farewell
            And when your name by chance I hear
            An awakened smile does part my lips
            As subsiding thoughts do dissipate
            Into breath mementos of our courtship
            No matter length of our distance stretched
            Our thread remains as a cord is taut
            For the violin only speaks it’s tune
            With the bow’s caress on the string it sought
            Each moment free, Cupid captures my inner pulse
            My heart a target for his arrow to penetrate,
            I grasp to re-enact in the shadows of our last embrace
            Void of tactile gaze from when we were forced to separate
            But what a sweet prison I choose for comfort
            As Hope does frequent my cell each moon
            While Selene does kiss her Endymion
            Future looks back to Time approaching non soon
            Gone may I be to a far away land
            As Duty did call me by name,
            Though Fate holds my hand as my Soul may depart
            Forget not that my love will truly remain
            No matter what struggle I face ahead
            I wear your ribbon into each battle
            So be well my love, my love so fair,
            Farewell my dear, fare thee well

            Silvia Pecota
            Aug 8, 2012