Thoughts that flicker like fireflies at dusk,
            Impersonate stars that dot a galaxy,
            With a sweeping net does Inspiration draw twilight
            Forming a sphere of erupting ecstasy
            As a muse, her voice at first trembles
            Her song conducted into an encore
            Then by an orchestrated crescendo
            Percussion beats her into a cri-en-coeur
            The heart she doth touch with fingertips
            As on a harp’s hypnotic string
            A sound release from God’s treasured case
            Cascades the kiss so awe-inspiring
            The lure to taste the palm of paradise
            Entranced by a vision of grand majesty,
            As a temptress she weaves with peaked ambition
            As victim falls to the belle-dame-sans-merci
            Now trapped in a net that she weaved so tight,
            Constricting force that keeps one’s will in chains
            Tied to Pegasus’ flight so heaven bound
            As Inspiration takes control of the reins
            Reaching the crest of a Mount Olympian
            Inhaling the winds of accolades,
            Hubris does claim self-victory,
            Though he played just a vessel of that crusade
            ‘Tis then that Inspiration releases her bond
            Reflecting back on all sweat, tears and pain
            Never selfish was her core intent,
            But rather a gift for the whole world to gain

            Silvia Pecota
            June 9, 2012